Welcome to 8-Bit. The hobby site of Mike Sharkey (aka. 8bitgeek), devoted to some retro computing shananigans. Mostly what you will find here is related to S-100 bus. I am developing a number of new S-100 cards, as well as building an S-100 system using boards supplied by s100computers.com and N8VEM.

Some interesting projects that I am working on are the S-100 MMU for the s100computers.com/N8VEM Motorola 68010 CPU board, and the BRISC1 (Basment Reduced Instruction Set Compter), a 32-bit RISC CPU built from descrete TTL logic. In addition to the development of a simple Z/80 CPU board which you see below in prototype form.

If you are looking for content from the old website, please be patient, I am porting all the content from the old website to a this new platform (BIGACE CMS).


Writen at 25. May 2012 by 8bitgeek


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